The Sewing Revival pattern reviews

I thought I would add a separate page because I’ve written quite a few reviews of TSR patterns now so they are all here in one place, they are pretty much in date order. You can tell the ones that were written pre-pandemic by my hairstyles!

The first was the Heron dress and then a later hack of it.

the first of several Herons!

Then there was the Bellbird Top along with the Sidewinder pants, I’m wearing them both together in an old photo here (I was talking to The Fold Line about my sewing plans for 2020…we all know how that panned out….)

More recently I made a couple of variations of the Fantail top which I like a lot (and the last iteration of big lockdown hair too!)

In the summer of 2022 I raided my remnants and found enough of this fine red/white linen to make a short-sleeved Fantail which I wore a lot in the warmer months.

This the Kingfisher top with added ruffles, this is the first time I’ve used it but it’s another really nice wearable top with lots of possible variations.

and this is a new Heron hack in linen jersey which I made for a Lamazi fabric review.

If you use any of the links I’ve created to The Sewing Revival website and you make a purchase I will receive a modest fee from them, so I hope you find these reviews helpful or inspirational.