Simple Sew blogs

This will be my final Simple Sew make as I’ve decided to step down as a blogger for them. Rather than making something else new I opted to refashion the kaftan I made a couple of years back, it’s a sadly underused garment so I made some changes to the top and cut a pair of shorts from the skirt section. You can read the full post here.

My latest Simple Sew make is a hacked Cocoon dress, there’s a bit of a tale behind it too.

I used the Chelsea blouse from a set that also includes a skirt and trousers, I hacked it to include a button front and some shirring on the sleeves.

This is one of my favourite Simple Sew makes, I hacked the Amelia dress to add longer sleeves and a longer skirt. That Bee fabric is ace too!

The Palazzo pants have been hugely popular since an almost identical pattern appeared on Series Six of the Great British Sewing Bee.

This Zoe dress hack has become a favourite of mine, the pattern has lots of possibilities to adapt it in new ways.

This notch collar jacket caused a few head-scratching moments trying the match up those checks with a very limited amount of fabric but it was all worth it.

I wrote two reviews of the Cocoon Coat, in the first one it became obvious much later on that I had missed a glaring error in the pattern instructions so I added an update with clarification on how to sew it. Hopefully these will clear up the mystery if it’s foxed you.

I made the Kaftan for my summer holiday two years ago, it doesn’t get many wears in the UK unfortunately!

Imagine my surprise when an almost identical dress to my version the Anneka turned up in the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A last year.

I made the Lizzie dress with a longer skirt a couple of summers ago but I still enjoy wearing it in warm weather, I’m pleased I put a cotton lawn lining in it too because it spares my blushes if there’s a breeze blowing!

I made the Utility dress in a jersey fabric although it recommended a woven, it still works very well but just needs a little bit of careful handling around the V neck.