Listen to Sew Over 50 on the Sew Organised Style Podcast

Judith made another appearance on the podcast in August 2021 to talk about the Sustainable Sewing challenge

This page is where you can access the Sew Organised Style podcast, created by Maria Theoharous. Every Thursday there will be a new SewOver50 podcast to listen to.

So far Maria has chatted with Judith and Sandy about the origins and day-to-day workings of the Instagram account, and I’ve had several conversations with her about various topics including the first SO50 meet-up, fabric choices and batch sewing I’ve recently chatted with her about sewing for men too. Early on there were also conversations with SO50 stalwarts Sue Stoney, Cathy Grant , Marcia Riddington, and Carrie Cunningham.

Since then the list of SewOver50 contributors has grown considerably so there are now lots of people from all over the world who you’ll enjoy listening to including Cenetta Burwell, Di Kendell, Jen Legg and CeeSews but that isn’t everyone by any means!

What I enjoy about the SewOver50 strand of the podcast is hearing the stories of so many women like myself, listening to their personal sewing stories which often overlap with mine-or sometimes not at all-and hearing their different accents really brings home what a worldwide community this is and that we all have our passion for sewing in common.