Pattern hacks

I’ve put the links to several pattern hacks I’ve published all in one place so hopefully that will make it a bit easier for you to find them if you’re interested. There are more which are older but because I’m rubbish at IT and this isn’t a ‘proper’ website the images no longer display properly.

I made the Dhurata Davies Maxine top in a wool/linen mix cloth from Merchant and Mills with a few simple modifications.

Simplicity Eve Appeal hack with fabric provided by Minerva, it was a blouse pattern which I turned into a dress with an unusual elasticated hem. I love this photo (taken at Kew Gardens) it’s one of my favourites.

I recreated a shirred summer dress for a client last summer.

Simple Sew Zoe hack, with bright green topstitching, this is made in a weighty linen and I’ve worn it a lot.

Christening robe made from a wedding dress, this was a lovely project to make all I had very little time to do it and a lot of the customers decisions were made via WhatsApp to speed up the process! I made the little covered coat hanger to go with it.

I hacked the River dress from Megan Nielsen by adding length to the skirt and sleeves, then I elasticated the waist at Empire line and the cuffs.

Another Minerva post, this was a jersey dress from a top pattern made for my daughter.

This leather jacket refashion caused me no end of headaches but I got there in the end!

I used a 1970s shirt pattern to make a swooshy summer dress, I love swishing in this one!