A bit about me

Hi, I’m Sue and I’ve been sewing almost all of my life. I’ve always loved it and eventually I studied Garment Technology at the London College of Fashion. From there I worked for bridal wear designer David Fielden then the John Lewis Partnership. After I married and had my children I worked for a gorgeous little bridal company, Miranda McGowan Designs, in Hertfordshire where we made fabulous made-to-measure dresses.

After Miranda decided to emigrate, I went to work in a secondary school for nearly 10 years as a Technician in the food and textiles department.

When I parted company with them three years ago I rediscovered my sew-jo which had gone missing in action somewhere in the intervening years.

These days I have much more time for sewing and I’m building up a pretty impressive stash of fabric along with an ever-growing pattern collection. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away a pattern since I was first buying them for my O-level so I must have literally hundreds. I make my own patterns too from time to time.

Sewing these days gives me the opportunity to meet, chat, teach and help others who love it as much as me. I might be a little long in the tooth compared to some but I’m always so happy to share the stuff I’ve learnt over the years-there probably aren’t many mistakes that a beginner could make that I haven’t made myself already, and I’m still learning new things myself too!

If you take a look through my blog you’ll get some idea of the things I like to make and the interests outside of sewing that I enjoy.  Sewing and dressmaking is what I love to do as much as I can and every now and again I remember to write about it.IMG_1108



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