At the risk of boring you….

I’m sorry to harp on about it but this is a really big deal for me.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook will have seen that I’ve just had my first ‘serious’ article published in Love Sewing magazine in the UK. I’ve done pattern reviews in magazines a couple of times before, as well as having the occasional photo featured in the ‘readers make’ pages but this is a new departure for me.IMG_8433

Understandably not everyone will want to, or be able to, buy the magazine but I thought those of you that are new to my blog in the last couple of months may be interested to read the original post which the article came about from. You can find it here, along with more photos and information.

If you’re visiting London and have an interest in how our clothing has developed over the centuries, and what the future may hold for the textile and fashion industries then this is a good way to spend a couple of hours. The exhibition is on at the V&A museum until almost the end of January 2019.

Whilst I was paid by Love Sewing to write the article I haven’t been sponsored in any way by the V&A and all views expressed are very much my own.

Anyway, until next time,

Happy sewing


6 thoughts on “At the risk of boring you….

  1. … congratulations. I bought my copy of Love Sewing this morning and enjoyed reading your article. You have a great gift for writing and I hope that we will see more of your work in Love Sewing and in other sewing magazines – whether it is writing about visiting an exhibition, interviewing someone or an opinion piece. Congratulations to Love Sewing too for recognising your talent. Keep on writing !

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  2. Congratulations on being published & for getting paid to boot. Nothing wrong with a little bit of jingle in your pocket for your view on something.
    Sewing Gator in Fla

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