yet another variation….neckline 3!


This one happened because I found a gorgeous double-knit jersey in The Creative Sanctuary in Hertford on a visit to collect a Collette Moneta pattern to take part in the MonetaParty on Instagram at the end of February….one thing leading to another.

Ok, sparkly stars and pink stripes aren’t very mature but I liked it and I wanted a long-sleeved cosy top for our upcoming trip to the Lake District and because this was reversible I knew the roll-back cuffs I’d used before would look good.

I changed the basic neckline on this one by raising it by about 5cms and then making a rectangular collar to fit it, I didn’t want it standing as far away from the neck as the two funnel-neck ones [in truth, I could have raised it a bit more as it still isn’t that close to the neck] By cutting two rectangles and stitching them right side to wrong side I could make the stripes visible. I’d got another heavy metal zip so I thought I’d put that into the collar seam to give it another detail. I made it up as before although I also added extra, uneven, length to the hem and mitred the corners for neatness. I overlocked the seams throughout with bright pink thread to match the stripes.

to mitre a corner you generally sew at a right angle to the fold, the dots mark the actual seam allowance where it should turn back. I don’t usually pin like this because it can break needles and/or pins! see below for evidence 
“oops” I said….(although this was a different time)
it looks a bit wonky because I had a different seam allowance on the side seams to the hem, it looks fine on the outside though.
the hem all finished. For reasons I’ve never quite been able to work out my (elderly) Elna can’t take a twin needle so I have to sew twice if I want a double row of stitching…I didn’t this time!

The fabric sewed up beautifully, it’s very stable, nice and weighty too. Because the style is a raglan it sews up very quickly-that’s why I keep making different variations of it! [it’s worth mentioning that the original was New Look 6320 free from Sew magazine ages ago and you can read my previous blogs about them here and here ]

the first T shirt in lovely fabric from Faberwood

The sleeves are hemmed and then rolled up, simple as that.

I got loads of wear from it while we were away hence the blog is only happening now. I’m happy with the variety the collar offers, up at the back, down at the front, rolled down or with the zip open, and I’ve been wearing it with long-sleeved Ts underneath as I’m a bit cold-blooded.

the collar rolled down
floppy stylee
I really should vacuum in that corner she thinks….

So there we are, another top. There are unlimited variations to this pattern which could run and run I think. I’ve traced off the whole pattern now in its new version to go with the collars and sleeve variations. There are lots of top-stitching opportunities too, and pockets, but I didn’t bother on this one.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t ever be constrained by how a pattern looks on the packet, there can be masses of variations you could try. I’m often influenced by what I see in the shops RTW then I toddle home to do my own. There’s so much satisfaction in having made your own clothes and I’ll never get tired of that feeling. Sometimes a fabric is the springboard to an idea too

Now, back to that Moneta before the deadline…!

Happy sewing






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